Swoon-Living, formerly known as 3-Switch, is a Chicago based company founded in 2012 by Patrick Fitzpatrick, a designer and prototype engineer and known for our revolving glassware including wine glasses, decanters and cocktail glasses. All these glasses also come with custom stands available for personalization with laser etching for wedding gifts or housewarming presents. We now offer gift sets for ultimate gift giving for Chicago wine lovers, food lovers and beer lovers!


We do three things: design and produce glass and wood products, take on commissions from other designers and artisans, as well as create spaces to teach people how to make their own products.


The wine and spirits glassware are hand blown to revolve. As the decanters and glasses rotate, they aerate, don't spill and definitely add a good amount of entertainment to your drinking. As the glasses rotate, the wine or spirit come in contact with more oxygen and make the taste better. 


The glassware is hand-blown which means each piece gets one-on-one attention by our artisans to create and check for quality. The wood pieces are created from locally sourced Illinois reclaimed barn wood and local Maple and Walnut timber.