Tad Revolving 5oz Glass Pair and 375mL Decanter on Barn Wood Stand

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Set of two 5 oz Revolving Tad Glasses, a 375 mL Tad Decanter, and a re-purposed barn wood base for when you want just a tad bit with some to share.

Like our other signature glasses the Tads also revolve, much like a top. This helps aerate your beverage, prevent spilling, and it makes drinking even more fun. 

The revolving motion aerates the liquid. Aeration, simply means exposing the liquid to air or giving it a chance to "breathe" before drinking it. The reaction between gases in the air and beverages changes the flavor. 


 Dishwasher Safe.  Top Rack without heated dry.

Custom Engraving available. 

The Tad decanter holds a half bottle of wine, but can be used for all different types of spirits and red wine. The non-spill revolving wine or spirits set is a wonderful wedding or unique gift for any person or couple!