Flight of Four Revolving Tad Glasses On Walnut Stand

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 Flight of four 5 oz glasses for when you need just a tad bit on walnut wood stand. 

The revolving motion aerates the liquid. Aeration, simply means exposing the liquid to air or giving it a chance to "breathe" before drinking it. The reaction between gases in the air and beverages changes the flavor. 

The four glass set sit in a black Walnut stand with cork inlays. The flight of 4 glasses allows for sharing and entertainment for you and your guests! The wood base is locally reclaimed making every piece unique and special. The glass is a wonderful addition to any stocked bar or stylish living room.

Whether you are hosting a big party, a small get together, or just drinking your favorite liquor on the couch, our glasses add a sense of sophistication and entertainment.

A unique gift for anyone that might have every other type of glass.

 Dishwasher safe.