Jack Candle

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We made some glasses and thought wow that is a great glass to drink out of.  But that shape is so nice to look at.  How can we accent that even further.  Light it up!  So staying true to our woods we found this great scent and mixed it with some soy based wax poured it around a wick and wow does that glow....and smell nice too. 

Here is the deal on "The Rest of the Story".  The candle comes with a little inscribed cap that is actually a cutout of the walnut stand that can be purchased to hold the Jack Glasses.  Once you have fully enjoyed the Jack Candle clean it out and use it as your favorite drinking glass....and PS... the top can be used as a coaster or keep anything from falling into your drink while you visit the resting room.


- - Why Jack?  I named it after my Uncle Jack because I called him Uncle Jack for 35 years and one day he say "My Name Is JOHN"  It can go both ways.  The Jack glass can sit straight up or can pivot and revolve........Don't try while it is a candle especially while lit.  Only when using it to drink and make sure your pour isn't so much that it will spill out.   I mean I thought all of that went without saying but I've been proven wrong over the years.



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