Does the fuel source transfer any odor or impart any chemical to the food?

No.  Each source is safe to cook with.  The by-products of combustion are only heat, fire Carbon Dioxide and Water vapor.

These alcohols are simple molecular chains.  Actually safer than roasting over wood.  Be advised. All fires will produce a limited amount of Carbon Monoxide.  

Will this set off my smoke alarm?  Is there smoke or fumes?  The fuel source will carry minimal odor.  It is not strong but all fuel sources have odor.  These fuel sources do not fume or smoke.  The reservoir may turn back over time and use.  This is the carbon deposits from the heat.  But this will not cause your smoke detector to go off as it does not emit smoke.  It does produce heat and is advisable to not place anywhere near sprinkler systems that would be heat sensitive.  It would be unlikely that the heat source would ever affect these systems due to the amount of heat dispersed over the area in the room.

Where to buy fuel sources?

The Sterno brand fuel source can be purchased online with simple search. "Sterno S'mores"  or  "S'mores Fuel"

Isopropyl 70%  can be purchased at grocery or pharmacy stores.  Ethanol, Grain alcohol must be purchased at liquor stores. Everclear. 151. Or Grain Alcohol.  All other alcohols will not light.  A common bottle of vodka or rum ect. Will not have enough proof to light.

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