Instruction Card


Items Included: Wood tray, Stone fireplace, Tall glass, Skewers, Snuffer & Safety instructions

Safety Information

Safety should be a priority when operating the included stone fireplace. Be sure to read this safety warning and instructions prior to operating the fireplace.






Prior to each use:  Clean out fireplace of any loose debris or built up carbon.  If necessary use soap and water.  Ensure fireplace is completely dry prior to use. 1. Identify a ventilated location, clear of combustible items. S’mores kit set-up should occur on a solid surface free from combustible materials, pets, or other potential hazards. Loose combustible items, pets, and children should remain at least 3’ away from flames and under adult supervision at all times.

  1. Place the fireplace in the provided tray, inside the largest opening. DO NOT use outside of designated space in tray.
  2. Fill fireplace to 1” (5 oz) below the rim with food grade chafing fluid.
  3. Light with long-handled lighter.
  4. Expect approximate 35 to 45-minute burn time.
  5. Ensure flame is completely out before refilling by using snuffer provided, see instructions below.

Cover to snuff out. Do not try to blow out. Do not move while lit.


Completely cover fire pit opening with circular plate on snuffer while holding handle as far away from the plate as reasonably possible. Snuffer should completely cover fire pit opening and create a seal for at least 60 seconds. Upon removal of snuffer, examine contents of pit to ensure fire is out and remains out. Dispose of excess fuel in accordance with manufacturer instructions.


Use of this Indoor S’mores fireplace subjects persons to potential exposure to chemicals, heat, and sharp objects, and has an inherent combustion potential. To ensure safe use, carefully read and adhere to all instructions. These instructions should be kept for reference as long as you own the fireplace and provided to anyone using the fireplace.


  • The fireplace should never be operated, handled, or filled by minors.
  • Never fill the reservoir higher than an inch from the brim (5 oz total contents added).
  • Never leave a burning fireplace unattended.
  • Never move, touch, or refill the fireplace while burning or when it is still hot.  Allow the fire pit to cool for 10 minutes before refueling.
  • In case of spill, extinguish fire immediately and follow manufacturer instructions for spill cleanup.
  • Do not attempt to blow out. Cover to snuff out. 
  • Keep flammable objects at least 3 feet away from the fireplace while lit or hot.
  • Do not leave unlit fuel in the burn chamber. Flame can be snuffed out but fuel must then be emptied and discarded according to manufacturers instructions.
  • Keep children and pets at a safe distance and under adult supervision.
  • Do not open the fuel container next to an open fire. 
  • Store fuel according to manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Always confirm bottles are tightly sealed, keep out of reach from children.
  • Use only an extended lighter or long match to ignite.
  • Use only food grade chafing fluid as fuel.
  • Discontinue use and contact immediately for a replacement if cracks appear or fuel or flame show on the outside of the unit due to leaks in fireplace.
  • Neither Three Switch LLC nor any retailer assumes liability for injuries or damages resulting from the use of the fireplace.

Fire Safety

This product operates by user-created fire, contained within the designated area of this product, and care must be used while using this fireplace and necessary items such as fuel and matches/lighters. Keep away from all possible fuel sources. Do not lean or reach over the flame. Do not place near any hanging objects that can catch fire. While cooking, avoid catching food on fire. If this occurs extinguish it immediately.

Never leave fire unattended. When not in use, use snuffer to extinguish. Do NOT blow out the fire. You could blow the fuel source from the reservoir and ignite surrounding objects. Do NOT carry the unit while lit. If you want to move the kit you must extinguish the flame prior to doing so. Keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible prior to lighting fireplace in case of accidental spill and ignition.  Store fuel according to manufacturers' instructions.


Each fuel source contains user-provided flammable liquid. Clean up spills promptly in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Do not keep fuel-soaked items near any flames or fuel sources. DO NOT light fuel source beyond the confines of the reservoir. Promptly extinguish flames that occur outside of the fireplace in accordance with manufacturer