4x4x4 City Skyline Wood Wrapped Candle | Mahogany Scented Soy Based Square Candles With Wood Lid

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How can we accent our glasses even further?  Light it up!  So staying true to our wood roots, we found this great Mahogany scent and mixed it with some soy based wax, poured it around a crackling wick and wow does that glow! And smells nice too.

The square glass soy-based candle stays lit for about 30 hours and is a great gift for any candle lover or addition to your living room, bathroom or bedroom. 

Scent: Mahogany

Wooden Wick: Crackling Wood

A percentage of sales from ALL Swoon Living Skyline candles goes to local food depositories to the City which the skyline purchased. Skylines from across the world are featured. Don't see yours listed, reach out and we'll make a custom skyline for your needs!