A Pair of Revolving Shot Glasses Hand Blown in Chicago

Regular price $28.00

Pair of two 1.5 oz Revolving Shot Glasses. The Swoon glasses revolve on almost any surface, much like a top. This helps aerate your beverage, prevent spilling, and it makes drinking even more fun. These glasses are hand blown in Chicago and are dishwasher safe. We suggest hand-washing but haven’t had any issues with running them on the top rack without heated dry. Photos show four shot glasses so if you would like four, please order two in quantity. Also makes a wonderful housewarming and wedding gift that will make your friends swoon that they won't get anywhere else but here at Swoon Living! Your Options are: Shot Glass Pair- Just two glassesShot Glass Pair with Walnut Stand - Two Shot glasses with standShot Glass Flight (4) Just four shot glassesShot Glass Flight (4) with Walnut Stand - Four shot glasses with full stand